Chapter 5 Reunion, and Then... - Walkthrough, Tips, FAQ

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Check how to get Saunion!
update 13/05/2017

Rigel Castle

Great Door

Found items

  • Memory Fragment

Temple of Duma


Fouond items

  • Memory Fragment

Battle agianst Berkut & Rinean

Found items


Magic circles

The top left is the right one. The right bottom one sends you to a Gradivus Treasure Chest.

The right bottom is the right one.

Found items

Sacred wells

  • EXP: can be used up to two times.
  • Regain HP: can be used as many as you want.

Last battle

Battle against Duma. You'll be asked to select 18 units in addition to Alm and Celica in this battle.

How to beat Jedah

Jedah negates eveyr first three attacks, and every fourth attack can only inflict damage to him.

How to beat Duma

You need to use Falchion to inflict damage when Duma's HP is lower than certain amount.

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Her max str is 39
I've beaten him on Hard Classic mode, it wasn't to difficult Only took me 1 attempt aft...
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