Chapter 4: Land of Sorrow (Celica) - Walkthrough, Tips, FAQ

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update 13/05/2017

Inner Temple of Mila


Don't forget to go to B2F of Temple of Mila! You can recruite Nomah at there.

Found items

Sacred Well

  • ATK +1: can be used up to two times.

Mila's Chamber


Meet Dismayed Cleric and give her Silver Tray you find in B2F. Nectar is a reward.

Zofia Harbor



  • See Master Fuuga and give him Fuuga Shield that you found in Grieth’s Fort. Golden Apple is a reward.
  • See Skilled Fisherman and give him Transparent Beard to receive Dagon Chunk as reward. Transparent Beart is obtained in Fear Shrine (Chapter 4 Alm part).



See Esteemed Chef and give him Dragon Chunk to recieve Foreign Spice as reward. Foreign Spice can be converted into Gold Coin x3.

Grieth's Fort

Strategy Room


Great Merchant Aleessio asks you to hand over Steel Lance x5. Silver Coin x250 and renown are rewards. Give Steel Lances are brought to Slade.

Swamp of the Dead

Battle against Garcie. He drops Gold Coin.

Swamp Graveyard

Battle against Dragon Zombies.

Dolk Fort

Battle against Dolk. Dolk summons Dragon Zombie using Messiah White Magic. He drops Dragon's Scale.

Inner Dolk Fort

After the battle at Dolk Fort, Conrad joins your party.

Lost Woords

High Knight sometimes drops Rusted Bow that can be upgraded to Luna. Note that Rusted Bow is not displaed as High Knight's equipment during battles.

Found items

Sacred Well

  • Def +1: can be used up to three times.

Found items

No item can be found.

Sage Village


Found items


Meeting Area

Found items


Once you hear about Juda from a Gentlemen, Archmage appears. He requests you Herbal Liqueur, Gargoyle's Ear, Skeleton Oil, and Duam's Moss. Nectar is a reward.


Found items


Found items


Sage's House

Sage Hark lets Alm promote to Hero class.

Duma Gate

Battle against Jamil and his soldiers. Jamil drops Gold Coin.

Duma Swamp

Found items

Although you are not required to defeat Juda here (he withdraws after 7 turns pass), you can get Dragonshield by beating him. Note that it is pretty tought to defeat him here.

Duma Tower

Found items

Sacred wells

  • Spd +1: can be used up to two times.
  • Luc +1: can be used up to twi times.
  • Tex +1: can be used up to two tiems.
  • HP +1: can be used up to two times.
  • Def +1: can be used up to two times.
  • Atk +1: can be used up to two times.
  • Regain HP: can be used as many as you want.


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