Chapter 4: Land of Sorrow (Alm) - Walkthrough, Tips, FAQ

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update 07/05/2017


Main Hall


Gatekeeper asks you to bring Skeleton Oil. Head to Forest Shrine and hunt Bonewalkers which drop the time. Silver Coin x10 is the reward for first time. A reward will be one of Soup, Ram Wine, Herbal Liqueur, Honey, Sweet Cookie, Nut of Life or Dragon Scales from next time. Nut of Life and Dragon Scales can be obtained once.


Battle against Berkut and Fernand. Berkut drops Coral Ring and Fernand drops Iron Lance.

Rigel Forest

Battle against Saizor and his soliders. Saizor drops Sacred Beast's Cheese.

Fear Mountain

Battle against Marla and her soldiers. She drops Soma.

Fear Shrine

Alm can promote to Hero, his exclusive class, after talking to Hark at Sage's Village in Celica part.

Found items

Sacred wells


  • Spd +1 or Luc +1: can be used up to three times.
  • Revival: can be used up to three times.

Nuibaba Manor

Battle against Nuibaba. She drops Magic Ring.

Inner Nuibaba Manor

Main Hall

Found items


Prison 1

Tatiana joins your party! She can learn Fortify, Recover, and Warp.

Found items

Prison 2

Found items

  • Suspicious Mask (Changes character's graphic during battles).

Rigel Plain

Battle against Jerowm. He drops Gold Coin.
Note: You have to make progress in Celica part to start this battle.

Rigel Village


Found items

  • Flour
  • Memory Fragment (After Zeke joins your party.)

Housing 1

Zeke joins your party.

Found items

Housing 2

Found items



Scholarly Man asks you to bring Yogurt, Orange, and Duma's Moss. Then he makes Ambrosia using those materials. Duma's Moss can be found in Hidden Shrine.


Found items


Blacksmith Master asks you to hand over 4 Dragon Scales to make Dragonshield. You can complete 4 Dragon Scales when you reach Chapter 6.

Dragon Crater

Battle against Draco Zombies.

Rigel Falls

Battle against Magnam (drop: Silver Sack), Heste (drop: Ambrosia), and their soldiers.

Hidden Shrine

This site is not diplayed on the map. It's located at right of Rigel Falls.

Found items

Sacred well

  • Def +1: can be used up to two times.


Battle against Slayde and his soldiers.

Rigel Castle

Battle against Rudolf and his soldiers. Rudolf drops Angel Ring.

Inner Rigel Castle

Main Hall

Found items


Central Hall

Found items


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