Chapter 1 To Zofia! - Walkthrough, Tips, FAQ

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update 13/05/2017

Ram Village

Lukas, Gray, Tobin join your party in this village. You also have to talk to Kliff and Faye to recruit them.

Mycen's House

Found items

  • Woodcutter Axe
  • Orange x2


Found items

  • Drinking Water
  • Carrot
  • Flour


Found items

  • Hard Bread
  • Flour

Subquest: Nostalgic Taste

Thirsty Man asks you to give him Ram Wine that a boss in Thieve's Shrine drops. He gives you Blue Cheese and Renown as rewards. Once you talk to him after completing the mission, he also tells you a place to find Wooden Mila in Thieve's Shrine

Subquest: Punishing the Brigands

Go out of and revisit Ram Village, then Angry Lady, a sub-quest giver, appears. Defeat 20 Brigands to get Nut of Life and Renown as rewards.

Thieve's Shrine

Silque joins your party. She gives you Mila's Turnwheel. By visiting Mila Statue in this dungeon, you can promote characters with except of Alm to higher classes.

Holy Well

You can use Holy Well to increase SPR or HP stats up to three times in this dungeon.

Found items

  • Iron Sword
  • Mana Herb
  • Wooden Mila (You have to complete "Nostalgic Taste" sub-quest first to find this item)

Inner South Fort

Clair joins your party. Use Prison Key to get her to be released from the prison.

Main Hall

Found items

  • Dringking Water
  • Wine
  • Iron Lance
  • Rusted Shield

Strategy Room

Found items

  • Lightning Sword
  • Rusted Sword
  • Ale
  • Cold Soup
  • Wine


Found items

  • Unfinished Ale
  • Holey Cheese
  • Hard Bread x2
  • Prison Key

Deliverance Hideout

A dungeon you can visit after completing South Zofia 1 and 2. Clive joins your party if . Talk to Forsyth and Python to get them join as well.

Sacred Well

The left one is for Defense +1 and the right one is for Power +1. Can be used up to three times.

Found items

  • Silver Marks x20
  • Iron Bow
  • Mana Herb


You'll revisit this location for a subquest that Scholarly Man in Zofia Castle gives you on and after Chapter 3. Once you complete the quest, Shady Man, another quest giver appears in Zofia castle and you will be asked to visit here again to find a required item.

Zofia Gate (Battle)

How to get Dragonshield

In this battle, you are not required to beat Desaix and he withdraws once you defeat Slayde. You however might want to do so to get Dragonshield that he drops. Note that he is too strong to fight against at this level and it is definitely no problem at all not to defeat him.

Zofia Castle

Treasure Room

Found items

  • Ebony Pearl
  • Horseslayer
  • Wine
  • Ram Wine
  • Blue Cheese

Central Hall

Found items

  • Steel lance
  • Iron Shield


Found items

Orange x2

Chapter 1 Complete!

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