Chapter 3 Liberation War (Alm) - Walkthrough, Tips, FAQ

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update 13/05/2017

Zofia Castle

If you misses some items in Chapter 1, now is the time to get them for sure.
→ Found items in Zofia Castle


Found items

  • Memory Fragment

Central Hole


  • Master Lyon requests you Lyon Shield. That can be found in Desert Fort (Celica part). He gives you Blessed Cheese and 300 Renown as rewards.
  • Once you get Blessed Cheese, talk to Cheese-Loving Noble. He is also in Central Hole. Exotic Spices and +300 Renown. Exotic Spices can be traded for Golden Mark x3.

Treasure Room


  • Scholarly Man asks you to find Lima Family Ring. Visit appointed site in Deliverance Hideout and defeat Entombed which drops the requested item. 30 Silver Marks and 100 Renown are rewards.
  • Shady Man asks you to defeat Ghosts in Deliverance Hideout after responding to Scholarly Man's request. Regal Shield and 300 Renown are rewards. Ghosts may be tough for you to beat at this point though. Use "Travelin Merchant" you will see in Mountain Village (Celica part) to send the item to Alm.

North Zofia

Battle against Zofian Army.

Zofia Forest 1

Enemies use Mire (Mt: 10, Rng: 1-3) if you play hard mode. Use Windswept or Aiming to avoid getting countered.

Forest Junction

Battle against Berkut.

Forest Village


Found items

Housing 1

Found items

Housing 2

Found items

  • Memory Fragment (Description: There are crystallized memories. When placed in Mila's Gear, one can see their contents.)


Gentleman asks you to rescure his daughter. She will be found in Forest Shrine.


Found items


Luthier joints your party. He is the only original Mage unit in Alm's party.

Found items

Desaix's Fort (Battle)

Battle against Desaix.

Inner Desaix's Fort

Main Hall

Found items


Mathilda joins your party. She will be a main cavalry unit in Alm's party and stronger than Clive.

Found items

Strategy Room

Found items


Talk to Give Great Merchant Aleessio and get Coral Ring and 200 renown . You need to hand over Chipped Coral x5 to him at Zofia Harbor (Visited in Chapter 2 at first time) to unlock this sub-quest.

Zofia Forest 2

Battle against Rigel soldiers.

Forest Shrine

This part of wall can be broken.

Found iems

Sacred wells

  • Res +1: can be used up to two times.
  • HP +1 or Lvl +1: can be used up to three times.


  • Rescue a daughter of a Gentleman in Forest Village. She can be found at Mila Statue. Visit his father in Forest Village to receive Blessed Lance.
  • Read the note on the wall, and talk to Merchant's Wife in Forest Village. You will receive a reward (Wooden Mila) after you rescue his husband from Nuibaba's Manor in Chapter 4.
  • Visit Forest Village and talk to a girl. She will trade Blue Cheese, Yogurt, Nut of Life, Small Gear, Dried Meat or 10 Silver Marks for cute items (Holey Cheese, Sweet Coockie, Ebony Pearl, Chipped Coral, or Wooden Bear).

North Forest

Battle against Rigel Soldiers.

Floodgate (Battle)

Battle against Tatara. Don't let Delthea die. If she survives the battle, she joins your party at Inner Floodgate Main Hall.

Inner Floodgate

Main Hall

Delthea joins your party if she survives the battle at Floodgate. Her ATK stat is very high.

Found items

Control Room

Ask a guy to open the floodgate. Then Chapter 3 ends.


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